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The One Offering Tabernacle of God (D.B.A. Arrow of Yahweh) is the headquarters and covering entity for the Arrow of Yahweh International Ministries. The name of the church was inspired by the bible verse found in John 3:16…..

The belief is that because God gave us the offering of his most treasured possession (his son) and allowed him not only to die for us by shedding his blood via the crucifixion, we are also washed clean by this unselfish act and great sacrifice. Thus the (One Offering)

The Tabernacle by definition is the place where God dwells and belongs to him. We are blessed to be able to enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise. Thus “Tabernacle of God)

Many people often relate the phrase “One Offering “ with money, thinking that we are a church that only collects one offering. The name of the church has nothing to do with money, but is divinely inspired.

The One Offering Tabernacle of God foundational beliefs are tied to the Christian Orthodox Church and are directly connected to the Holy Communion of Churches in thought, doctrine and purpose. It is our desire to educate the body of Christ on the history of the church and it’s various mysteries. We are orthodox by faith, but we enjoy the Pentecostal experience.

We are a church that does not target ethnicity, but places it’s focus on the body of Christ as a whole with one faith, one baptism and one God. All are welcome into this ministry that are willing to make Christ the head of their life. After a divine experience while in prayer and being slain in the spirit, Archbishop James was instructed to change the name of the ministry from One Offering Tabernacle of God (which originally was named to bless God) to The Arrow of Yahweh International Ministries. 

We are excited that you have chosen our church as a source of research or even as your church home, and will continue to pray for your Christian development, and spiritual empowerment as you learn to walk this Christian walk.
Let us take a moment to look into the richness of our faith. Welcome to the worlds oldest church, the Christian Orthodox Church. This church does not fall into the category of non-denominational, rather pre-denominational.

What does this mean?

The Orthodox Church was the first that was established by Jesus himself. The Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church were one in the same, until the Romans decided to break away from the orthodox church around 1054AD over an issue concerning making a pope infallible. The Roman church separated from the Orthodox church and created their own doctrine an took on the name of the Roman Catholic Church.

We are all part of the catholic church, but we are not Roman. The word catholic means “universal”. So when we say we are a part of the catholic church we mean “Gods universal church”, but we are not Roman. Orthodoxy is not a religion it is a faith. We are not denominational because we are the first church, we were around before the establishment of denominations.

How does all of this relate to the Arrow of Yahweh International Ministries?

The local church is now called the The Arrow of Yahweh International Ministries which falls under the supervision of Archbishop Russell James, who is the founder and Pastor. A.O.Y.I.M. is a part of the Holy Communion of Churches which is world wide, also known as the International Communion of the Holy Christian Orthodox Church.

A.O.Y.I. Ministries is directly associated with and committed to the HCOC in thought, plan and purpose. Archbishop Russell James is a member of the Holy Synod and serves as the Secretary General and member of the Archon world wide. The HCOC serves as the covering for Archbishop Russell James, under the leadership of His Holiness Timothy Paul.

Our church family. A.O.Y.I.M. is a family oriented church who’s environment thrives on Holy living, righteousness, respect and love for one another. We do not subscribe to gossip , pre-judgment of our brothers and sisters , but rather stand in support of anyone needing it.

We are a forgiving church. We understand that God did not make us perfect and that we all have sinned and fallen short of his glory, but mainly, we understand that everyone has made mistakes, therefore we are an imperfect church with an imperfect people who are serving a perfect God (YAHWEH).

The Arrow of Yahweh

We believe in loving, and serving the community as a whole with an emphasis on the church family.

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The Arrow of Yahweh