Archbishop Russell James

Archbishop Russell James is a Bishop in Full Apostolic Succession, a native New Yorker, and is the Pastor and Founder of the Arrow of Yahweh International Ministries (formally known as One Offering Tabernacle of God) located in Cambria Heights, New York and the Metropolitan of the Fifth Province of the Holy Communion of Churches (A.K.A. International Communion of The Holy Christian Orthodox Church), and serves as a member of the Holy Synod of the HCOC and Secretary General of the HCOC.

Archbishop Russell James is a former member of the Savannah Police Department of Savannah, Georgia and retired New York State Police Instructor with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department who also hold many certifications such as: F.B.I Certified Firearms Instructor, New York State Certified Defensive tactics Instructor and holds a 8th Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts to list just a few.

Archbishop James has received numerous awards for his community service and is recognized by the NAACP for Religious Excellence in the community. Archbishop James has fought alongside of New York Communities for Change on various issues such as minimum wage increase, fast food workers empowerment, tent city (in Nassau County) fighting for affordable housing and former owner/operator of The Davenport House, which were shelters for homeless men. Archbishop James has attended New York Theological Seminary, Bethel Bible Institute, The College of New Rochelle and has earned a Doctorate in Sacred Theology from the Springfield Theological Seminary, and an honorary Doctorate in Sacred Laws from Christ Theological Seminary of Yonkers, NY. By way of secular academics, Archbishop has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Business Management at St Joseph’s College/University of New York. Currently Archbishop Russell James is completing studies in CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital and has completed 3 Units CPE.

Archbishop Russell James has a heart for the people of God clearly understanding that ministry cannot function without a love for God and his people. The Arrow of Yahweh International Ministries which has been founded by Archbishop James is a bible based ministry and takes pride in its deliverance and healing ministry. With Christ as its focus for the source of our salvation, The Arrow of Yahweh International Ministries also believes in the Exegesis of the mysteries of God, the history and origins of the church, while completely understanding its Hebraic roots.

It is my belief that we are now living in the most challenging times in biblical history, with the very real possibility of becoming witnesses of the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus/Yeshua. It is now more important than ever before to have a solid relationship with Him with the knowledge that your salvation is secure;

– Archbishop Russell James

Our mission is to reach Yahweh’s people all across the globe preaching and teaching the good news about salvation through Christ, and empowering Yahweh’s people with solid biblical principles for biblical living on this planet until His return. Archbishop James is the proud husband of Gayle Davenport and the proud father of four beautiful young ladies, Lauiqua, Chereese, Amia and Racquel, Grandfather to Egypt Braxton, Omari Singleton and Wynter Davenport. To God be the Glory and thank you for reviewing this page.

The Arrow of Yahweh

We believe in loving, and serving the community as a whole with an emphasis on the church family.

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